The International Polish List

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*This started as a simple blog post and grew to at least 10x what it was, resulting in it's own page. I hope that it can prove to be useful to those of you who enjoy doing swaps! Special thanks to Good Lack Nail, Happily Polished, Polish Me Up!, Painting Rainbows, and all of the awesome ladies from Polish-aholics Anonymous for the boatloads of help with making this list. 

The biggest "issue" that I have when perusing other nail polish blogs is coming across a polish that I need right now from a brand that I have no idea how to get my hands on, and come to find out, this brand isn't even sold in the US. Admit it. You have this same "issue" too.

Many girls have remedied this "issue" by doing swaps with other polish loving chicks in different countries. That's awesome. But you know what would be even more awesome? If we had an awesome list of awesome polish brands that are available in Country X but not Country Y (and vice versa). This way, when you get the hankering for a swap, you can check out said list and figure out what brands you have to chose from.

Likewise, whenever you come across those amazing polishes on a blog that are from a brand that you've never heard of, you could check the list to see what region they are sold in. Then you can try and find a girl from said region to do a swap with. 

Does this sound complicated? I promise it's not. 

So far I've come up with a list of mostly drugstore brands that are not readily available to countries outside of their origin. I'd love to make this list as definitive as possible and covering as many regions as there are polish brands. If you could help out by giving me the names and locations of any polish brands out there, I would be forever grateful (and happy to give you a link on this blog). 

- Accessorize (list of products
- Barry M (list of products)
- Models Own (list of products
- Collection 2000 (list of products)
- Miss Sporty (list of products)

- China Glaze (list of products)
- Orly
- Milani (list of products)
- Sally Hansen (list of products)
- Hard Candy (list of products)
- Funky Fingers
- Finger Paints (list of products)
- Sinful Colors (list of products)
- Wet n Wild (list of products)
- Claires (list of products)
- Pure Ice (list of products)
- Nicole by OPI (list of products)
- Color Club (list of products)

- Joe Fresh (list of products)

- Risque (list of products)

- P2
- Catrice (list of products)
- Essence (list of products)
- Manhattan (list of products)
- Alessandro (list of products)

- Guppy
- The Face Shop
- Tony Moloy

- Skin Food (list of products)

Hong Kong
- Misshaus (list of products)
- Sasatinnie
- Skin Food (list of products)
- Canmake (list of products)
- pa
- Jill Stuart

- Ozotics
- Glitter Gal (list of products)

- Catrice (list of products)
- Essence (list of products)
- 2true (list of products)
- Golden Rose (list of products)
- Mavala
- Pieces
- Hema
- Miss Sporty (list of products)
- Etos
- Collistar

- Isadora (list of products)
- Lumene
- Depend (list of products)
- Mavala
- Makeup Store

Czech Republic
- Miss Sporty (list of products)
- Essence (list of products)
- Gabriella Salvete
- Max Factor

- Etude House (list of products)
- Canmake (list of products)
- pa
- Comme Ca
- Opi for Japan
- Jill Stuart

- Essie (list of products)
- Wet n Wild (list of products)
- Pieces
- Depend
- Isadora  (list of products)
- Viva la Diva

- Essence (list of products)
- Catrice (list of products)
- Look by Bipa
- S-he
- L'oreal
- IsaDora (list of products)
- Anny
- Essie (list of products)
- Mist Stockholm