Kleancolor Chunky Holo Clover and Black

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I ordered Chunky Holo Clover and Chunky Holo Black by Kleancolor a few days ago and they finally arrived this afternoon. I was psyched to try these out because from the swatches I'd seen online, they appeared to have a unique quality to them that reminds me a little of flakie polish. 

Here is 4 coats of Chunky Holo Clover:

Clover has a very sheer kelly green jelly base. It's pretty but because it's so sheer it is lacking in wearability. However.....

it's quite charming when layered over a dark green :) This was 2 coats of Last Chance by Sinful Colors with 2 coats of Chunky Holo Clover layered over it. Not bad at all.

Chunky Holo Black was not even worth applying by itself. I tried, and it looked too gross to even take photos of it. So here you have 2 coats of it layered over Black on Black by Sinful Colors. 

Beautiful. The base of this is every bit as sheer as Clovers and it's grey. Not black, but grey. I'm not even sure why they call this Chunky Holo Black, because even in the bottle you can see that the base is anything but. I suppose it doesn't matter that much since it's so gorgeous over a real black base. 

My one question is why they made the glitter in Chunky Holo Black truly chunky with multi sized pieces of glitter, but left Clover (and presumably the rest of the Chunky Holo set) with just a standard medium sized glitter. I think Clover could have definitely benefitted from some of the super chunky pieces that are in Black.

Curious as to what Chunky Holo Black would look like over other colors, I decided to layer it over (from left to right) Ruby Ruby by Sinful Colors, Volts by Funky Fingers, Funky Dunkey by OPI, and Port Royal by Funky Fingers.


I will definitely be using this over Funky Dunkey in the future!

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