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I mentioned something on my now old blog about wanting to make the move over here to blogger. This past weekend pushed me from wanting to move to needing to move. I don't know what the fuck happened on the blogs backend, but shit stopped working right...and other things stopped working completely. Big thanks to Amy for shooting me an email to let me know that my comments were no longer working.

I finally figured out how to transfer all of my followers over to this blog, so everything is fine. I do (kindly) ask that if you have me linked that you change it to this address to avoid confusion. And if I don't have you linked but you'd like to be, please shoot me an email or post your url in the comments. 

Now that we've got that out of the way, I can show you the Island Collection from Funky Fingers! 

Did you know that these smell? Well, all nail polish smells, but these smell like food. Fruit to be precise. I'll be honest with you though- these don't smell good. A few of them are downright nauseating. And this is coming from someone who paints her nails in an air conditioned room with no ventilation whatsoever (I know. I'm smart.). The colors are pretty cool though and most of them are worth the stench.

Port Royal is a super bright fuschia creme neon. (Remember that word neon, because I'm going to be using it a lot in this post). It applied about as well as a neon possibly can, and for that I am thankful. I had to use 3 coats for opacity and it was still a bit streaky, but again- what more can you expect from a neon? The shade itself is pretty awesome and looks badass with either black or any array of purples that you fancy. I likely won't ever wear this on it's own but I have big plans for it when it comes to nail art. Oh, and this one actually smells kind of nice. Like raspberries I think?

Cayman Island is by far my favorite, but yellow always is. This yellow is unlike any other color in my collection though. It's a bright dandelion (neon) shade with the most amazing teal green shimmer that gives it this odd kind of 3D effect. It's a total bitch to apply, but I was expecting that. It took 4 coats for semi opacity and is incredibly streaky. It also smells like something that crawled out of my ass. I don't even know if the scent is supposed to be banana or lemon. Can't say that I care though. I love this one to bits. 

Curacao bored me to tears in the bottle, but when I put it on I was amazed. It's absolutely gorgeous! It's a bright turquoise blue and is infused with teal green shimmer. Stunning. This also smells the best- like blueberries :) This was opaque in 2 easy coats.

Tortuga is not a neon to fuck with. This sucker is so bright that it practically glows in the dark. I'm not sure I'd wear this one on it's own. It's a bit too much, even for me. It smells the worst out of all of them. It's obviously supposed to be lime scented, but it ends up smelling like that nasty green slime shit that they used to sell in gumball machines in the 80's. Come to think of it, it kind of looks like that stuff too!

Kingston is a very bright coral neon that applied really well and was mostly opaque in 2 coats, but you'd never know it from the pictures. I don't know what the issue is with this, but this color HATES the camera. I tried every angle and every type of light to try and capture this color accurately and nothing worked. For some reason it came out looking like a crazy shimmer even though it has no shimmer at all in it. Strange. These few pics that I did manage to get are not accurate either. It's much more orange than this. Sorry! :( I have no idea what kind of fruit this is supposed to smell like either. 

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    I love the yellow & green ones! and I ROTFLMAO at your "smells like something that crawled out of my ass" comment

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    your images have been stolen

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