Butter LONDON - Rosie Lee

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A gorgeous pink foil glitter in a clear base. Very "blingy" and feminine.

This requires no less than 3 coats for opacity. So it's dense, but obviously not as dense as glitters that have a colored jelly base. The upside to this is that you could definitely layer it for a unique look. Drying time is kinda meh, but I've definitely had worse experiences in that department. It dries to a very rough and gravely texture, which is par for the course with this type of glitter polish. So don't bother wasting more than one coat of SV on it. It will just eat it repeatedly.

Rosie Lee is super dupable. In fact, I can think of 2 identical twins just off the top of my head. Milani Disco Lights is almost an exact dupe, and I believe that Petites (found at Rite Aid) makes one as well. And like all other Butter LONDON's, this costs $14.

Bottom Line:
It's beautiful, and it makes a bold statement. But you could easily get away with buying the Milani or Petites versions instead for a quarter of the price. That said, I'm sure you wouldn't regret buying Rosie Lee if you decided to splurge. It really is a great color, and sometimes it just feels nice to wear a more upscale polish.

For those who are confused by the name, Rosie Lee is British rhyming slang for tea. But if tea looked like Rosie Lee I would probably drink it a lot more often.

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