"Last FriDaze" ...plus I WON!

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So a month or so back I came across a nailart contest on Facebook from StyledOn. I figured I had nothing to lose by entering, but didn't have high expectations for winning. As a rule, I'm simply not a lucky person as far as contests and things like that go. I can't remember evert winning anything...ever. This is why I hardly ever enter giveaways. But by some strange shift in the universe, I actually won this contest!

Well okay, I didn't win first prize or anything. That went to a girl who did a really cute manicure with penguins. But I was one of the 9 runners up who get a nail polish set from either China Glaze or Hard Candy, and i love both brands. So no complaints here. Just the fact that my nail art was one of 10 out of 200 submissions that won is pretty cool!

If you voted for me, thank you. I definitely appreciate it and this made my whole week. Now, onto some layering I did for todays NOTD...

This is 2 coats of Petites' Daze, which is a pea soup colored micro glitter. To be honest, I love the color in the bottle but it just doesn't look right with my skin tone. But I wanted to wear it because it's pretty, so I added a coat of OPI's last Friday Night over it. This was the outcome. Last Friday Night did a decent job at muting the green a little and obviously adding the holo glitter effect. Again, it's pretty....but not on me :( 

In other news, I've been experimenting with the "jelly sandwich" and I just cannot. get. it. right. What's the trick, girls? 

Oh, and I did a guest post for Painting Rainbows. It's a half-moon mani tutorial. So go check it out!

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