Zoya Pippa Review and Swatch

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Last week I took advantage of a promotion that Zoya was having, where you got 2 free polishes of your choice with any purchase. A pretty incredible deal considering each Zoya polish costs $8. In the end I bought a 2 oz. bottle of Remove + for $4.50 (I think?) and my total came to $11.50 with shipping. The 2 free colors I chose were Tanzy and Pippa. I'll swatch Tanzy another day, because I could not wait to try Pippa.

Pippa is a super bright yellow creme. A true yellow. A smiley face yellow. The type of yellow that makes me proud to say that yellow is hands down my favorite color in the spectrum.

Application was iffy, as with all yellow cremes. It required 3 coats, not so much for opacity, but for streakage. I am happy to say that it's no worse than any other yellow I've tried in terms of application though. It's certainly far better than Hard Candy's Splendid (which I think is probably a good dupe for this).

Drying time was excellent. I never expect any creme that requires 3 coats to dry quicker than 30 minutes at the least. This was dry to the touch in 10 minutes with the help of Seche Vite. Awesome.

Overall, I would say this is in my top 3 yellow cremes. I'm still looking for the holy grail yellow creme that requires only 2 coats with minimal streaks and dries just as fast as Pippa does. Any suggestions?

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