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Color Club's Revvvolution is one of my favorite polishes for all of the most obvious reasons. It's a holo. It's a "black" holo. It's a relatively linear holo. And it shines like a million rainbows in the sun. It also makes me think of one of my favorite songs, 12 Black Rainbows by Type O Negative (hey, don't judge me. We all like a little bit of metal).

"Idle hands may be the devil's work
                                                   Unbridled minds you see are so much worse"

A "black" (more like gunmetal) linear holo!

Almost perfect, except for the fact that it's extremely easy to flood your cuticles with this. Which ultimately means that it's a *tad* watery. Requires 2 coats for complete opacity and dries rather quickly.

There are actually 2 versions of Revvvolution out there. One that is full of holoy goodness, and the other which is a supposed "dud". Seeing as I only have 1 bottle of this, I couldn't even tell you which version I have for sure. But I do know that it holo's like the best of them in the sun. Indoors it's not nearly as impressive, but there's still a distinct holo effect going on there.

Bottom Line:
I think the pictures speak for themselves! But it is unfortunate that there's a version of this that isn't as amazing as the other. So with that said, if you decide to buy it online you take the risk of purchasing something that may not be as spectacular as you were hoping for.

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  1. Lush Lacquer (Allie)

    That's lovely. It'd be great for Halloween

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