Nostalgic Nail Lacquer NEW Collection + News

Posted by Erin on 1/21/12.

Yes, the shop is currently quite bare. But that will change tomorrow when I bestow upon you my newest concoctions: The Truly Outrageous Collection.

Here is a sneak peek:

4 glittery lacquers inspired by my personal childhood hero, Jem? Yes. That's exactly what these are.

A *very* limited amount of these, as well as the Into the Labyrinth shades will be available tomorrow. I spent all day swatching and will print off the labels for them tonight. Tomorrow I'll add them to the shop.  I ordered a much larger amount of base over a week ago and it only just shipped yesterday, so the bad news is that once these sell, they won't be back in stock until next Saturday. The good news is that...well, they'll be back in stock next Saturday and in greater quantities ;)

*Just a quick note- No longer am I using the square bottles that I've been using. The new bottles are much nicer actually, and are round and a bit stout. They look a lot like the bottles that Seche uses :)

5 Responses to Nostalgic Nail Lacquer NEW Collection + News

  1. ♥beauxs mom

    how excititng we must be around the same age or taste cuz i pretty and pink and labyrinth are like my all time fav movies and gem was my show i was gem for halloween in elementary school! loving all these collections i hope i can afford to buy some when they are in stock.

  2. Katie

    All these glitters look so unique! I really like Riot. Keep up the good work! :)

  3. Sirena Sparklestar

    OMG I need Rio! NEED.

  4. Nicole

    Wow, Erin! Those are pretty awesome. :D

  5. Karma Devyne

    OMG!!! I MUST HAVE THESE!!!! Esp Rio!!!!

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