Updates! Stock! OMG!

Posted by Erin on 2/12/12.

Ahhh, what a crazy few weeks I've had. I mentioned on Etsy that I was in a car accident a few days ago. I didn't mean to alarm anyone. I was mostly just mentioning it so that if I was unable to mail orders out right away then you'd understand. Luckily I did get to mail everything out yesterday but I did have to bum a ride to the post office due to my car being FUBAR. Well, okay...it's not really FUBAR. But it does sound like a 1957 mustang now and I'm not sure how safe it is to drive yet. And there is a spot on my back that keeps going numb and tensing up. Beyond that, everything is fine.

As a side note-
The fireman who responded and held my head in the brace was a guy I got drunk with on a couple occasions. Friend of a friend of a friend type deal. That was interesting...

Anyway, onto REAL news. I'm waiting for a batch of bottles to show up. I expect to have them no later than Friday. I have all shades except for the Bizarre Teenage Love Triangle in stock now. And holy hell! I didn't realize those were so popular!!!  I will have to make much more of those from now on. Until now I had been making an equal amount of all shades. I guess I know now that my beloved Andie, Duckie and Blane deserve a little more attention ;)

I'm also thinking of releasing all of my stock on one designated day per week. So for instance, I would make 200 bottles of lacquer, put my entire stock up for sale on Friday, and then start shipping on Monday. I highly doubt I would sell 200 polishes in a single day btw, but if I put them up for sale on the same day each week then people would at least have a very concrete idea of when they could score them. I get soooo many emails and Etsy convos asking when and how and where they can get my lacquers after they've sold out. I think this would probably be my best bet. Does this work for everyone???

As far as my new collection goes, I'm not super sure of when that will be rolled out. I made a huge order for base a few days ago, but I'm pretty sure that TKB is really swamped with orders so I'm not even sure when my order will be processed, and it takes a full week for me to receive it anyway. Hopefully you will see the new collection for sale within the next 2 weeks though! I think you are going to really love it :)

If I promised you some samples to review on your blog, I swear they will be mailed either tomorrow or Tuesday. At this time I'm no longer looking for people to review, but if I change my mind I will absolutely let everyone know.

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  1. Elizabeth Aldinger

    I think releasing your stock on the same day each week is a great idea!

  2. Rochelle

    I also agree that a set day is a brilliant idea!

    Glad to hear that you are okay!! Or at least mostly okay... hopefully your car will be, too.

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