Nostalgic Nail Lacquer - Shipping etc

Posted by Erin on 3/26/12.

Hello again!

I am packing boxes all day again today so that everything can get shipped out tomorrow. I did want to take a couple minutes and talk about something that I've gotten a lot of emails about though. Actually, I have talked about it before but I think it's probably worth another post :) Plus I am working on editing and adding new things to my policies and thought it was a good idea to give some of the more important info here.

Shipping methods and charges.

As you all probably know by now, I ship via priority flat rate only. I've been asked by a lot of people to make exceptions and either ship in a first class friendly box or a bubble mailer. The answer, unfortunately, is a firm "no". But I do have good reasons for it, I swear!

I'm not sure if any of you have ever been in a situation where you are shipping 50+ packages out at a time. Those who have will know that it can get a little crazy (especially if you are an anxious person like I am) and anything to help bring that craziness to a calmer level is going to help eliminate potential mistakes on your end. Shipping via flat rate makes things MUCH easier in the midst of the packing chaos!

It also enables me to ship your purchases much quicker. If I had to weigh each package out at home when printing the shipping labels, it would take much longer.

In addition to those things, it's also important to me to ship the lacquers in boxes as opposed to bubble mailers. It's much easier for glass to get broken in a padded envelope than it is in a secure cardboard box. And I know what you are saying to yourself too ;P

"But I get polish mailed in bubble mailers all the time and I've never had one break!"

And I believe you. But one of the very first orders I ever sent out was mailed in a bubble mailer and one of the bottles *did* break. And it was me who had to send a replacement and pay a second shipping fee. I can't afford to do that all the time :( And it's a pain for you to have to wait for a replacement too! :)

So those are my reasons, girls. Do I wish that it were cheaper to send internationally? Yes, absolutely! It bums me out that it costs $17. But my hands are tied on this one and it's the way that it has to be right now. I try really hard to be as accommodating as possible, and I do hope that you can understand why I do this the way that I do.


In other news, the gallons of base that I ordered have not shipped yet (at least not to my knowledge...) but I am expecting them to any day. I have 3 out of 7 limited edition colors in the set i'm working on all figured out. I will begin working on those after my next restock. Said restock will probably not be happening this week though, because of the lack of base.

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  1. KelBel

    I'm waiting for my base to ship too. I was hoping they'd ship it today so I could get it by Friday because I have the day off. Hopefully you get your base soon too!

  2. Meagan

    So excited for the new collection!

  3. Gnarly Gnails

    as a business owner myself i totally understand. your shipping prices are in line and fine, plenty of other places i order from are much more expensive so i think if it makes your life easier, do it. that said - i placed my first order with you finally! im so excited i cant stand it. i thought i'd never catch you with the items i wanted and have money at the same time!

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