Nostalgic Nail Lacquer: The State of Things

Posted by Erin on 4/5/12.

I feel like I haven't posted in a month! But clearly that's not right. I guess it's just because my last restock was nearly 2 weeks ago. Yikes!

You'd think that since I've had 2 weeks since a restock that I would be more than ready to go. But, sadly, that just isn't so. I ran out of necessary glitters and steel balls. Then I realized that I only have about 25 shipping boxes. BUT...the glitters and balls should be here any minute and the boxes are supposedly in transit. I *should* be ready to restock on Saturday. I am reaaaaaaallllllly going to work super ultra mega overtime over the next day and a half to get these babies ready, because the idea of waiting until Monday makes me sad :(

As always, I will update here, on twitter, and on my brand new facebook page at least 12 hours before the shop is restocked.

The facebook page has some rough drafts of the 7 piece limited edition collection I have coming out over the next few weeks ;)

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