Oh Dear

Posted by Erin on 4/23/12.

The first batch of The 7 Deadly Sins of Summer collection sold pretty quickly, with only a few of both Wrath and Greed still available. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I hope those of you who were able to get them love them as much as I do :)

I am still in the process of printing and packing and all of your packages will be mailed on or before Thursday at the latest :)

While I've got you here, I do have to talk about something not so fun. Isn't that always the way I write these blogs?! :P


By now we are all well aware of the great suspension base shortage. I do have a large amount of it ordered though. Enough for weeks and weeks of lacquery goodness. But it's still in the process of being made and it will be weeks before it is even shipped out to me.

Right now I have approximately 1 half gallon of base and I have an order for Overall Beauty to fulfill with it, as well as a couple orders for ladies who wished to have birthday gifts etc made for their friends. I'm really not sure of how much I will have left over after that, and I'm quite frankly a little bit terrified.

But the plan is this:
I always have a few extra lacquers hanging around in my workspace drawers and such, so I will take inventory of those and work on creating a very limited number of my most popular shades for next weeks restock. This would include: Rio, Duckie, Rayanne, Angela and Jordan.

Once the order of base comes in I will be working 3x as hard and often on creating a very large batch of ALL of the shades, including the 2nd batch of the 7 Deadly Sins of Summer. I'm just praying that the base comes quicker than I am expecting it. One can always hope, right? :)

In more hilarious news-
My father is dying to retire from the University and wants to become partners with me! And pretty much every person in my family has come to me looking for a job :P I'm still mulling over the possibilities. It would be nice to have someone help out with the shipping... hehe.

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