NOTD: Ode to a Bee

Posted by Erin on 7/21/11. Filed under: , ,

I went out to water my moms gladiolas last night with bare feet. I never wear shoes around the house and I'm pretty lazy, so if I need to run out to get something from my car or let my dogs out or whatever, I usually just go out with no shoes or socks on and brave the various twigs and tough gravel. So I grabbed the hose and walked over to where the flowers are and started thinking to myself, "I don't know why everyone thinks I'm dumb for coming out here in bare feet all the time. It's no big deal!" when all of a sudden I stepped on a bee.

Yeah. I stepped on a fucking bee and it stung the shit out of the palm of my foot. At least I'm pretty sure that's what happened. I didn't actually see this bee, but I can't imagine what else I could have stepped on that would create that same sensation and leave a tiny "bite" type mark. I'm in Boston. We don't get any crazy creatures besides buzzing insects that inflect that sort of pain. 

Luckily I'm tough (ha) so as soon as it stopped stinging I was able to laugh about it. I was also able to create a mani to mark the occasion. Hey, that bee outsmarted me. It deserved a memorial!

I used 3 coats of Mellow Yellow from Jordana, Black on Black from Sinful Colors for the stripes and tips. The stripes were made with striping tape instead of scotch tape :)

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  1. thenailaholic

    I go out without shoes all the time! Once, we had a class outside and when I sat down my ankle hit a QUEEN! It was HUGE, my ankle got really swollen and I was down for two days. So, since I suspect I'm allergic now I try to wear shoes. Ick. Great mani!

  2. Erin

    Haha wow. Now I don't feel so bad about my bee sting :P

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