NOTD: Tie Dyed and Hot as Hell

Posted by Erin on 7/22/11. Filed under: , ,

It's 100 degrees here today. Luckily I got my AC unit fixed last night, or else I'd be melting. And because it's so hot, I figured I'd try something summery on my nails for the day. Here are my tie dyed nails! (Excuse the messy cuticles. These are hard to do in a neat manner).

I used the following colors: Wild Child, Port Royal and Cheshire from Funky Fingers, and Fiercely Fiona from OPI.

EDIT: I wasn't able to find the exact tutorial that I saw on this a few weeks ago but I did find a really good one that should help you girls do this on your own. Here it is! If you try it out yourself, please shoot me a link to your blog so I can see!

10 Responses to NOTD: Tie Dyed and Hot as Hell

  1. itsfASHiontime1

    I tried to do this and mine turned out soo bad! But you make me want to try again!

  2. Erin

    Awww :( You know, everything I try for the first time ends up looking terrible. I was surprised that I was able to do this and have it come out okay. Try again! I'm sure you'll get it down sooner than you think :)

  3. Anonymous

    really good, i like turtles

  4. Kristal

    That's super cute. How do you do it?

  5. ~*~Amber~*~

    So cool!

  6. Erin :)

  7. thenailaholic

    I love it! I may have to try soon :)

  8. Pam's Girly Bits

    Looks awesome. I want to try this soon as well.
    New follower here, and I love nail art :)

  9. feedkmayeorchids

    This is beautiful!!!

  10. Jamie Harrington

    I liked your nails so much, I featured them on my blog today!!

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