Butter LONDON : British Racing Green

Posted by Erin on 8/29/11. Filed under: , , ,

I guess you could call this part 4 of my Butter LONDON series. As I started before, my boyfriend bought me large handful of these as part of my birthday present and I've been swatching and reviewing them as I try them out. British Racing Green was one of the many polishes on my wishlist and I'm happy to have crossed it off the ever-growing list.

A very dark hunter green shade with an almost perfect amount of green micro-shimmer. Very vampy.

The formula on this is a tad thinner than I prefer, which made it a little difficult to control around the cuticle area, but aside from that it was perfectly fine. It only required 2 coats for complete opacity which is always a good thing. Drying time was average at best.

It costs $16 and I'm fairly certain that there are at least a few dupes available for much cheaper (although I don't own any of them if they do exist).

Bottom line:
It's a great vampy color that is perfect for the colder months that are coming up. I love greens and although this one isn't super unique, it's definitely attractive. The best thing about this polish is the shimmer. It's not overwhelming but it's still perfectly visible. Overall, it's another winner from Butter LONDON :)

3 Responses to Butter LONDON : British Racing Green

  1. Fingers

    Wow I love this green!! Might just have to get it! Awesome!

  2. Krissy

    Such a beautiful color, I never usually go for the dark greens but this one is drool worthy haha.
    Your boyfriend picked these out all by himself?!?

  3. Erin

    @ Krissy: Well, not exactly. I have an Amazon wishlist with a lot of the polishes I want on it and he bought up all the Butter LONDON's and Lippmanns for me :) He does pick polishes out for me quite often though and does a good job!

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