"Jinx" Nail Polish Strips Review

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Nail polish strips appear to be all the rage these days. Obviously Minx started this trend, but there are now tons of knock offs out there that people can do at home for a fraction of the price that Minx costs at the salon. Sally Hansen is probably the most popular option, as it's extremely accessible and relatively inexpensive. Personally, I was never very intrigued by the Sally Hansen strips because for $9 I can buy an OPI polish and keep it for years instead.

BUT...while perusing the nail polish section of Five Below yesterday, I came across these strips called "Jinx", which is obviously their attempt at a cute play on Minx. But whatever. They had some cute patterns and only cost $3. I snatched 2 packs. One houndstooth pattern and another with white stars on a baby pink base. I left the store expecting the worst.

Inside each pack (which I did not photograph because I wasn't really expecting to be writing this to begin with) is a small nail file, orange stick, the strip of decals, and a bizarre and seemingly useless strip of silver foil sticker. I still have no idea what the silver foil is for...

I tried the pink and white stars strips first and did a half assed job at applying them. I didn't bother to buff my nails first (which they instruct you to do) and didn't do a great job at evening out all of the air bubbles. Despite that, they still came out decent.

Not too bad...

Now if doing a shitty job applying these could give me okay results, then imagine what they would look like if I took my time and applied them carefully...

Jinx are extremely easy to apply. They're basically just stickers made of dry nail polish, and they were almost the perfect size for my nails. The most difficult part is smoothing them out so that no air bubbles get stuck between the sticker and the nail, and even that part is pretty simple. I wasn't sure if these worked with top coat, but I applied a coat of Seche Vite on top of them anyway and  it worked out just fine.  I'll definitely be buying these again. I hope to go back to Five Below next week once all of the trees and branches are cleared from the roads (and my car...).

I do have a giveaway coming up once I hit 100 followers, and I was thinking of buying a couple of packs of these for it. Would anyone be interested in getting these in a giveaway? What about Funky Fingers polish? They now have the FF crackles at my local Five Below, as well as the entire Island collection. Let me know!

7 Responses to "Jinx" Nail Polish Strips Review

  1. Irishenchantment

    these are really pretty i love both designs!

  2. Fingers

    These look really cool!

  3. Lush Lacquer (Allie)

    I'd be interested! Although I'm terrible at applying these things. I need some practice!

  4. Mel, Glassflecked.

    Very pretty!!!! Really like the houndstooth. You applied these perfectly!

  5. Krissy

    The houndstooth looks awesome!!! That would be really cool for a giveaway.

    Oh the cleanup from that storm was the worst. Glad you're safe...and with power :)

  6. Erin

    So glad you guys like these. Allie, these are seriously so easy to apply. If I can do it then anyone can :)

  7. Cyndy

    what store do you buy them from?

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