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This is my final (well, final until I acquire more!) installment of the Butter LONDON series. This one is called Teddy Girl, and I'm not quite sure why they chose to name this, of all polishes, Teddy Girl. Maybe it's supposed to be ironic?

A very sweet shade of medium light pink. It's not a barbie pink, nor is it a bubblegum pink. I'm not sure what I'd classify it as. All I know is that it's a soft shade that went well with my (light, blue-based) skintone.  Oh yeah, and it's a creme too.

A tad streaky. Just a tad though. And that's to be expected with a creme this light. I also got a couple of bubbles, but nothing extreme. Requires 3 coats for opacity but you might be able to get away with 2 coats if they are medium-thick. Drying time was average.

This probably won't match everyone's skintone. I could see this not looking great on medium tones, but it might look kind of awesome on dark skinned gals. And again, the price is steep at $16 a bottle.

Bottom Line:
This isn't a "must have" since there are a trillion light pink cremes out there. But having said that, I still really like it. It looks good on me and is a really cute girly shade. And given that the application was better than most light pink cremes I've tried, I have to rule this one a keeper.

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  1. Poetic Realist

    Butter London is $16 for you? My Ulta sells them for $14. Hmmm....anyway, I have to agree that this color looks nice on your skintone.

  2. GothamPolish

    This is a super feminine shade and it looks wonderful on you! And such great pictures!

  3. Erin

    Well, I have to buy online. The nearest Ulta is about 45 minutes away :/ When it came to Butter LONDON it was a better option to just pay the extra couple dollars (and in the case of Minger, 4+ extra dollars) and get the free shipping.

    And thanks :)

  4. Fingers

    I guess if you like pink! People would really like this!

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