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I don't wear red polish very often. I probably have less reds in my collection than any other color as well. Many reds look the same to me, and unless they have a unique finish, they just don't appeal. That said, I do have a soft spot for this bright shade from Essie.

Please click the image for full size, because this color becomes quite distorted when re-sized to fit on the blog

Lacquered Up is a super bright retro red creme. It's blue based so it looks great on us fair skinned chicks and reinforces the pin-up quality that it has going on.

This is a bit watery, but easy to control regardless. Does anyone know why these bright red shades are always bordering on being jellies even though they are supposed to be cremes? I mean, I guess it's a creme...but it's a jelly too. I know you guys know what I'm talking about! What is the reason for that???

Anyway, no bubbles, no streaks, took 2 coats for opacity and dried well.

None, except that I'm not sure this will look great on all skintones. I imagine that it's best left to those of us who resemble the walking dead. But don't quote me on that because sometimes these bright shades can surprise you and end up looking awesome on everyone.

Bottom Line:
Lacquered Up is a great bright red shade. If you're looking for one as a staple to add to your collection, try this out. And if you're planning on going to any upcoming Halloween parties as a slutty sailor girl (this seems to be a popular option, no?) then this is your color.

I purchased this for $3.75 at Pink Nails, which is incredibly cheap for Essie. They have a whole slew of Essie shades at that price and shipping is reasonable.

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  1. Fingers

    I love reds! This is beautiful and $3.75 is a great price!

  2. Lush Lacquer (Allie)

    I love a good red polish :) I'll check that website out, I hope they do UK shipping!

  3. Beautyshades

    This is really a true red. Very nice and cheap:)

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