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I am bound and determined to finally get my shit together, sort through all of my polish, and organize them the way that I have been envisioning it in my head for the last month. So this weekend is dedicated to doing that, which means that I better hurry up and post something now before I get entangled in a web of organization that I can't pull away from. So with that said, here are some swatches of Hard Candy's Fabuluxe.

Dense hot hot hot HOT pink foil glitter in a hot pink jelly base.

Not bad at all. It's easy to control and pretty opaque (2 coats) due to the glitter being so dense. Of course it's a total pain in the ass to remove, but that comes with the territory. Drying time is average and my only qualm is that it's a topcoat eater. But again, that's the way it goes with these glitter polishes.

Nope. Aside from the minor application/removal issues that I mentioned above, I can honestly say that I'm thrilled with this polish!

Bottom Line:
Of all of the Hard Candy polishes I have (including a small handful of vintage shades that they no longer make), this is the one. The color is seriously bold, and the blingyness is out of control. This is the perfect party girl polish. I'm not even totally sure what I mean by that, but I know that I can picture Cyndi Lauper circa 1985 rocking Fabuluxe 7 days a week. In fact, I'm surprised that something like this wasn't what OPI created for their Katy Perry collection, because it definitely feels like a shade she would wear.

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  1. Lush Lacquer (Allie)

    Oh wow, I love that! My kind of polish

  2. Alexisaurus

    I like it a lot! So pretty!


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