StyledOn and Hard Candy: An A+ in Consumer Relations

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Note: If you didn't catch my rant about the StyledOn nail art contest last week then you might wanna go ahead and give it a quick read before perusing this post. Otherwise you'll just wonder what the hell I'm talking about ;)

It Came! My package from Hard Candy arrived early this afternoon, which was shipped overnight via FedEx. The package itself is beyond impressive, but before I start gushing about the contents I would like to give a sincere thanks to both StyledOn and Hard Candy for their incredibly professional and friendly approach at turning my negative experience into a very positive one. Beauty companies take note, because this is how consumer relations should be handled. 

As I stated in my edit last week, an editor from StyledOn contacted me and apologized for the delay in shipping. What I didn't tell you, and what I'm still not totally sure I should tell you is that they also sent me an eCert to Sephora for the inconvenience. I'm not sure if all of the winners received one, which is why I'm wary of posting about it. I'd hate to start a "But why didn't I get one too!?" campaign for StyledOn to have to deal with, but I do think it's important to mention because it's a testament to how much they cared about making my experience with them a better one. So kudos to StyledOn for really turning it around and going the extra mile. Ms. Kropp is fantastic at her job and I thank her personally for reaching out to me in such a professional, yet warm manner. 

Soon after being contacted by StyledOn, I was also contacted by a PR rep for Hard Candy. They too apologized and promised to send along some samples of their other products to help make up for the shipping delay. Again, their rep was courteous and professional. And not long after she contacted me I was sent an awesome package by the company. 

Inside the box was this cute mesh sack full of 8 of their nail polishes and an absolutely impressive variety of some of their newest products. When they told me they would be sending "a few samples" I wasn't expecting this. 

All of the products they included were full size and came in an awesome array of colors.

The polish that I received (from left to right): Splendid, Frenzy, Fabuluxe, Matte Top Coat, The End, Beetle, Sky, and Mushroom.

crappy pic taken with flash :/
The addition products I received are (from left to right): Mouthing Off sheer lip shine in Drama Queen, Lash Tinsel glitter mascara in Starstruck, Walk The Line 24 hour lash grow/liquid eyeliner duo in Midnight Black, Eye Def metallic eyeshadow in Electric, Stroke of Gorgeous felt tip eyeliner in Nautical, Stay in Line mechanical eyeliner in Luminous Sparkle, and Tinted Lip Balm in Bridal Blush. 

I'm most excited to try Walk the Line. And I'll likely review at least some of these here at some point, in addition to the nail polish that I will definitely be reviewing. 

So the moral of the story is this:
Sometimes it pays to be honest and share your frustration about something. Companies don't know how we truly feel about something until we speak up. And the only way they can rectify the problem is if we let them know. Hard Candy and StyledOn took what I said seriously and they took all the right steps to correct the problem. Not all companies do that, and not all companies go above and beyond like they did either. So again, thanks to them for turning something bad into something really good. 

You can expect to see swatches of the Hard Candy polishes I got in the next few days. Until then, check out StyledOn and the wide variety of cosmetics that are available from Hard Candy :) 

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  1. Alexisaurus

    Wow that's awesome! Congrats!!!


  2. Emily

    So happy that you received your package and that you're happy with the prize! Keep up the awesome work!


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