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I've had an interesting busy Sunday and now that I've stuffed myself with Chinese food and am finally able to relax with a glass of Skinny Girl margarita, I can show you all one of my favorite polishes. I know I use the words "favorite polish" a lot, but I can't help it. As my collection continues to grow more and more out of control, the favorites pile up, and Object of Envy from Color Club is one of the many greens and glitters that make my polish collection a bit brighter.

A fantastically dense kelly green glitter in a clear base.

No real issues. It takes 3+ coats for complete opacity but that's alright by me since it has a nice consistency that isn't goopy in the slightest- which is sometimes hard to come by with a dense glitter polish.

The main problem is that it remains pliable long after it's dry to the touch, which is typical of this kind of glitter. So don't go loading your dishwasher for a good couple hours after application because you'll just get dents. Other than that it's fine.

Bottom Line:
I love kelly green and glitter. When you combine those 2 things you get Object of Envy. And it's beautiful. It twinkles like hell and it's a color/finish that people definitely notice. And if you're looking for the perfect St Patrick's Day polish- look no further. This is the one.

You can find Object of Envy and most other Color Club polishes for a sweet $3 at

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