Rainbow Tie Dyed Nails (RIP Steve Jobs)

Posted by Erin on 10/6/11. Filed under: , ,

I'm sure that by now we've all heard the news that Steve Jobs has died. It isn't exactly a surprise, but it still sucks. I use Apple computers exclusively and became a big fan of Apple's technology over the last 5+ years. Jobs will be missed.

This mani started out as an idea that is far different than what it became. Initially I was attempting to create a small rainbow apple just like the vintage Apple logo. Well, I'm simply not that skilled with a paint brush and I had to abort the mission. I always think of how good my sister would be at doing nail art. She's very artistically gifted, and is really meticulous and able to get the tiniest little details to look perfect on whatever she makes. Sadly, I do not have the same gift as she does. But she has short stubby fingers and bites her nails to the point where her hands look deformed. So I suppose we're even ;)

But as I was saying- this mani started off with Steve Jobs memorial aspirations and ended in this faux tie-dyed situation that you see here now. Not what I originally wanted, but still kind of cool.

It's also not the cleanest mani I've ever done, but these marbley type designs are a real bitch to clean up. You should see my right hand....

3 Responses to Rainbow Tie Dyed Nails (RIP Steve Jobs)

  1. Elizedge

    is this water marble or did you drag a toothpick or something? They look groovy!

  2. Fingers

    Oh I am so loving this!! I love anything tie dyed!!

  3. Erin


    I did them with a toothpick :)

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