OPI- The Muppets Collection (full swatches and review)

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My boyfriend bought me The Muppets Collection from OPI last Friday, and to my surprise it arrived at my doorstep early this afternoon. I was anxious to try them all out and show off my swatches, so I spent pretty much the entire afternoon swatching the hell out of this collection. 

Some of these colors didn't strike me as being amazing in the bottle, but it turns out that those same colors actually ended up being my favorites. This is a collection that is full of fun finishes and tons of glitter. I'm really pleased with it. 

Now onto the swatches...
Designer, De Better!

Designer, De Better! is a silver based foil with flecks of copper added into the mix. I wasn't excited about this until I put it on. It ended up being one of my favorites. Like most of the polishes in this collection, it required only 2 coats for opacity and was easy to control.

 Warm and Fozzie

Warm and Fozzie is a bit hard to decipher. I'm fairly certain that the base is a sheer tan/brown shade. The shimmer particles are a combination of gold, bronze, and a hint of a duochrome(?). Whatever it is, it's nice. This took 2 coats for opacity. 

Pepe's Purple Passion

Pepe's Purple Passion is a strong, super pigmented burgundy creme with reddish pinkish flecks. Great color, but the formula is kind of odd. It dried in a patchy fashion and I got some dragging when I applied the second coat. It also ate my top coat. Worth the headache though, because it really is an exceptional shade. Requires 2 coats for complete opacity.


Animal-istic almost borders on a vermillion color. It's definitely red, but it's got a good deal of orange in it as well. And that makes sense, considering it's the color they named after Animal. Animal was one of my (short lived) nicknames in junior high, by the way. And then my friends decided that while my personality was "Animal-istic", I looked more like Prairie Dawn because I had long straight blonde hair that I parted down the center. But I'm getting side tracked now. Animal-istic, like I said, is a bright orangey red jelly with glass flecked shimmer. It applied extremely well and again, required only 2 coats for opacity.

 Wocka Wocka!

Wocka Wocka! is a pretty standard cardinal red shimmer. For some reason my camera hates the color red when shimmer is added, but these pictures are pretty color accurate- they're just a little distorted. Not a super unique color. This is 2 coats.

Excuse Moi!

Excuse Moi! is a rose colored jelly base that's dominated by rose colored glitter, but pieces of green, silver and gold glitter are thrown into the mix. A very odd combination. I think I might wish they hadn't added the multi colored glitter because the rose color by itself is nice, but the extra glitter is just strange. That said, I can't say I dislike it. I'm still trying to figure out how I feel about it. It kind of looks like vomit, and I'm not sure if that's a bad thing! This is 2 coats.

Divine Swine

Divine Swine is a clear base packed with small particles of magenta glitter and larger pieces of silver hex glitter. It's much more sheer than I think it ought to be. It took 4 coats to get it to be as opaque as it is in these photos, and it could have used another coat...and a magenta base. 

Gone Gonzo

Gone Gonzo is identical to Divine Swine (and Fresh Frog of Belair), only the dominant glitter is blue instead of magenta. This is actually the only one of the glitters that I ended up being really happy with. For some reason it applied a little better than the others and the color is nicer IMO. This was also the one I declared as my favorite before even trying any of them out. This is 3 coats. 

Fresh Frog of Belair

Fresh Frog of Belair is just like Divine Swine and Gone Gonzo...only it's kelly green. This has the cutest name out of all of the polishes in this collection. It's also a cute color. I'll just be sure to layer this over a more opaque shade of green in the future. This is 3 coats.

Gettin' Miss Piggy With It

Gettin' Miss Piggy With It is a little different than the other 3 glitters of this type. It's a tad more opaque than the others and in addition to the red and silver glitter, it also has some larger pieces of hot pink hex glitter added in. This is a good holiday polish, but again, I will likely use a red base before applying this for a full mani. This is 3 coats. 

Rainbow Connection

Rainbow Connection is a clear base with silver, red, magenta, gold, green, blue and orange glitter of varying sizes. This appears to be the breakout star of this collection. Personally, I would have liked to have seen this without the silver glitter. Or at least not as much of the silver glitter. We've seen quite a few versions of this from other companies and everyone gushes over them. The way I feel about these kinds of polishes is similar to my thoughts on the crackle/shatter craze- I just don't get it. It's okay, but it doesn't stop me dead in my tracks. Again, if they had made this without the silver (or replaced the silver with stark white!) then I think it might have stood out more among the other versions we've already seen from other brands. This is 4 coats. 

The only polish from this collection that I left out was Meep-Meep-Meep, and that's because the photos I took of it were not color accurate at all and although I currently have it on as a full mani, the weather does not permit me to photograph it again today. I certainly have plans to take more photos of it though and do a full swatch/review of it because it turned out to be one of my favorites. So look for that sometime in the near future :)

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    Awesome swatches.Great pictures, and such neat work on the manis!

    Loving the rainbow connection.

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