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Yesterday I took a quick trip to Rite-Aid while I was out running some other errands. I was searching for the pumpkin polishes, but they were nowhere to be found. All was not lost though, because I finally found Sally Hansen's Pumpkin Spice and was able to pick up a few other polishes as well. One of which is called Utopia from Petites.

Bright teal green that I guess could be classified as glass flecked, but the effect isn't quite as strong as most of my other glass flecked polishes. I suppose it just has more regular shimmer and less glitter than some others.

Very smooth and easy to control. It's pretty sheer though, so I used 4 thin-medium coats. Drying time was a tad longer than I'd have liked. The wrinkle you see on my index nail is due to the top coat I used (Revlon Quick Dry), but that's a story for another day...

This actually has a duochrome effect. least it DID have a duochrome effect. In person you can see it in the bottle and again when you first apply it to the nail, but for some inexplicable reason it disappeared after a few hours. I know I'm not imagining things. It's a really pretty purple flash and I planned on having beautiful pictures of it. What the hell happened?! Where did it go?!

Bottom Line:
Jessie's Girl (also sold at Rite-Aid) has a much better teal glass flecked polish. It's called Glee. I'd recommend that one over Utopia due to it being much more pigmented and blingy. The reason I bought Utopia was due to the purple flash it had in the bottle...but, as I said, it disappeared. Not a bad color though. It's just not what I expected it to be.

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