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I took some photos of a few more Halloween polishes that I bought this week, but I'm really unhappy with the pictures and will have to re-swatch over the weekend. *sigh* I was all set to make 3 posts and schedule them to post all weekend and then my shitty photography skills ruined everything. To be fair though, it's half my cameras fault. It hates red :(

Luckily though, I did manage to get some decent photos of Sinful Colors' San Francisco. If you're looking for a cheaper alternative to some of the holly jolly Christmasy greens coming out, just head on over to Walgreens and pick this up.

An emerald green super shimmer.

It's a bit sheer, but easy to control. Requires 3 coats for opacity. Dries a little slower than I would have preferred.

Brushstrokes, brushstrokes, brushstrokes! Some people don't mind them, but I absolutely loathe visible brushstrokes. To me, it ruins the whole look. And as you can see, San Francisco is plagued with them. This is a classic example of why I normally steer clear of shimmers. HOWEVER...something about this color makes the brushstrokes more tolerable. Maybe because it's so festive looking???

Bottom Line:
When it comes to Sinful Colors, it's basically a hit or miss. Some of their polishes are fantastic. Others get thrown in the untried pile and remain there for months and months because they just don't measure up. But hey, what can you expect for $1.99?

San Francisco is a hit rather than a miss. Yeah, I dislike the brushstrokes, but it's still a stunning color. I do think it's a color best left to the holiday season though.

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  1. LindsayZ

    You might like to try sponging the last coat of polishes that are brush stroke prone. Basically, after 1-2 normal coats, put some of the polish on a torn bit of sponge and dab it all over the nail. You get more of a scattered shimmering instead of gathered into lines.

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