Nostalgic Nail Lacquer Update

Posted by Erin on 1/12/12.

I've spent all day mixing polish, packing polish, being amazed at how many people are interested in my polish. Polish, polish, polish. And I am just about sold out again. This is good, but it's also bad.

The good news:
- I have created something that people seem to really like :)
- I have 2 more shipments of base on the way and the first one will arrive on Monday.
- I already have some very good rough drafts for my next collection. Minimal tweaking needed! So those  should see the light of day within the next few weeks.

The bad news:
- I have seriously underestimated just how much base I will need to keep this thing of mine afloat.
- The 2 shipments of base that I bought will only make 60 bottles of polish combined!
- TKB (the base supplier) will only ship via ground. They are located in California... I am located in Massachusetts. It takes a while :(

Tomorrow I will be ordering a larger amount of base, as well as more bottles. Once those shipments arrive I think I will be able to stay caught up with everything and can stop these "out of stock" disasters from happening.

I also bought a paint shaker today that should help keep my raging carpal tunnel syndrome from becoming unbearable as well as cut down on the time it takes for me to make each polish. Let's hope it works as advertised!

Thank you SO MUCH to everyone who has blogged about Nostalgic Nail Lacquer, facebooked it, favorited it on Etsy, and of course, especially to those who have purchased it. I hope that I can continue to make cool shades that people are interested in and that you will all stick with me through this learning curve :)

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