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Posted by Erin on 2/25/12.

I'm in the process of packing all of the orders up to ship out on Monday. I haven't gotten a chance to answer questions/requests via convo's yet but I will by tomorrow (I swear!). I just wanted to take a break (is it a break if I'm blogging? ;)) and give you some updates.

Firstly, I am leaving Etsy. I do love Etsy and they run a great service, but the fees they charge cut into my profit margin more than I'd like and I found an alternative that is far cheaper and best of all, easier for all of you to purchase from. You won't need to create an account in order to buy from me anymore and you can purchase with your credit card and not have to go through paypal if you don't feel like it. I've talked to a few girls who use this service and they assure me that it's great, reliable, and trust worthy. Yay! I will give you all the link to the new shop location as soon as my DNS is sorted.

Secondly, I really need all of your input on something. I'm trying very hard to roll my new collection out but I'm completely overwhelmed with how much people want my existing shades and it makes it impossible to make enough of those + a reasonable amount of the new collection shades at once. My idea is to create one more batch of my existing shades later on in the week for those who have been trying to get them. THEN I will create a batch of JUST my new collection. Does this make sense? I always feel like my thoughts make no sense when I write them :P What do you all think? I already have 2 more collections thought up in my head. So many ideas, so few hours in the day!

Oh, I will have more lacquers ready for you to purchase by Friday btw :)

Lastly, I am still floored/amazed/over the moon about the response my lacquers have gotten! Thank you for making my dream a reality and supporting my humble little business. It means more than you know!


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  1. glymed
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  2. Tokyo Milk
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  3. Shashank Gupta
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  4. phoenixor

    I like your idea of moving shop, but please don't discontinue with your previous collections! I haven't had a chance to buy them yet since they sell out so quickly :), and I am sure that others will want them in the future as well. I am looking forward to your new collection as well!

  5. Emma Thea

    I've been thinking about this post since I read it. I understand you wanting to move forward, and I think you should if you want to! It reminds me of how RBL has limited quantities and small collections, and things become discontinued when they sell out - but they also have 'bring it back' votes every once in a while. I think you could use that same idea for your collections! But maybe I'm just biased because I recently purchased the trio I really wanted :D

  6. Erin

    None of the shades I have currently are limited editions. I'll definitely be making more of all of them :) After I introduce the new shades things will go back to normal and all of the collections will be available again :)

  7. glo minerals

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  8. Anonymous

    I agree with Emma Thea about how it kind of reminds me of RBL ways. I also like how non of your current shades are limited editions as it gives us (those who've recently found you) a chance to get the shades we want while anticipating upcoming collections. I understood your above post, it made sense. Thanks for doing what you do ! :o)
    Peace and blessings.

  9. Ridiculous Business

    I think you should have a few core polishes and then have limited addition ones every so often. You post made total sense to me. Your polishes rock!

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