I have no balls

Posted by Erin on 3/4/12.

Oh, hello. I am behind again. Shocking, right? :)

This time it's not my fault! Okay, it is a little my fault. I ran out of steel balls and I need them before I can ship anything out. And because I *try* to be meticulous and organized before I put the lacquers up for sale, I've delayed the whole thing until they arrive. I must admit though- I am getting antsy. I've got all these bottles filled and ready to go! If only I had those little balls...

I expect to see them by Tuesday though. I hope???

Theoretically, I *could* put them up for sale and just let you all know that processing will take a tad longer than usual. What do you think???

I'll give you all a 8-12 hour heads up before I put everything up though. I want you all to know exactly when and where you can get them ahead of time.

Oh, I have something to show you though. This will give you an idea of what the new collections theme will be.

11 Responses to I have no balls

  1. Vane Orz-

    i can wait for the balls i just want to secure my order i don't mind the wait :D and need i say it again I NEEDDD that purpleeee

  2. Ashleigh

    I could see you putting them up for sale despite the fact that you're missing your balls. :P Most people don't mind waiting a bit extra for processing, but it's really what would be easiest for you — holding out a few more days to get your balls or putting things on sale before that and finishing them up before you ship them out. Either way I'm excited to see your new collection! :)

  3. Vane Orz-

    ohh i just noticed that purple had a name .... OMG My so called life ?

  4. Erin

    Yes! :)

  5. Anonymous

    The color scheme kinda reminds me of Twilight Sparkle

  6. Erin

    What's twilight sparkle?

  7. Vane Orz-

    I think it has to do with my little pony ....

  8. NailsIT

    I haz my own balls. I'll take mine ball-less...lol :D I just keep missing your shop opening :(

  9. Erin

    Ohhh I googled. Yes, I guess it's a My Little Pony :) My favorite Christmas memory is when I was maybe 5, I got a My Little Pony hair salon and a bunch of ponies. I LOVED that thing! And the sea ponies! Do they still sell sea ponies? And the unicorns with the gemstone eyes. *sigh* I really do miss the 80's.

    I kind of want to buy a sea pony on ebay now....

    NailsIT: I am going to post it 8+ hours in advance this time so that nobody misses out :)

  10. Gnarly Gnails

    shut up! i cant wait to see the angela and jordan of this collection!

  11. Fading Cadence

    I was just about to comment about it looking like Twilight Sparkle, but someone beat me to it! I should try watching MSCL... I think it can be streamed on Netflix. :D Beautiful polish!

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