Nostalgic Nail Lacquer: My So-Called Lacquer On Sale NOW!

Posted by Erin on 3/17/12.

The My So-Called Lacquer collection is finally up! Go buy them now!

The swatches I took of these are awful. I was under the impression that today was going to be nice and sunny out, but I was clearly wrong. I will absolutely be taking many more swatches of them once the sun decides to shine over Boston again though, because I promise you that these are far more impressive than the photos show. I'm looking at them on my coffee table next to me and at the risk of sounding like I completely self congratulatory jerk- I am pretty impressed with myself ;P The photos though? I am not impressed with.

As I stated in my last update, this release is very limited due to a lack of bottles. My shipment of those is due in on Wednesday though, so I expect to have more of ALL of my collections in stock next weekend.

Thank you! And happy shopping :P

2 Responses to Nostalgic Nail Lacquer: My So-Called Lacquer On Sale NOW!

  1. Ashleigh

    I may have to hold out until next weekend since everything I wanted is already gone! Lol. You're awesome though. I'll stay patiently waiting.

  2. Jackie

    Of course , the one I want is sold out :( I will be in line next weekend!!

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