I'm Sorry...

Posted by Erin on 5/12/12.

Firstly, I want to apologize to anyone who was unsuccessful in obtaining my lacquers this afternoon. I believe that Big Cartel is a great service, I just don't think it is equipped to handle the type of business that I run. Meaning that it is not a good solution for people who have weekly restocks with many people trying to buy the same product at one time. I am sorry for making some of you waste your time on a beautiful Saturday :( Truly. It makes me sad to have disappointed anyone.

I think it is safe to say that there is a lot of trial and error involved when you start a small business such as Nostalgic Nail Lacquer. And I know that many other indie polish gals have experienced the same types of issues that I experienced today. It's tough to find a perfect solution. But I am working on it. I promise! I never want this to happen again.

I am sifting through emails, making lists, and will get to invoicing at some point tonight. Because of the unexpected cart issues, I may need a few extra days to properly process everyones orders. But, as always, I will try my best to get everything packed and at your doorstep as quickly as humanely possible. But please also bear in mind that tomorrow is Mothers Day and as my mom is not in the greatest health, I'm going to try and spend as much of the day with her as I can. I will, however, work as many hours on Monday as I possibly can. I hate having orders that aren't shipped!

Thank you to everyone who has been understanding about this. I really appreciate it! If you emailed me, you should expect an invoice between this evening and Monday.


4 Responses to I'm Sorry...

  1. Erin McG

    No need to apologise!! You are doing an amazing job, hence the huge interest in your polishes. Keep doing what you can - we appreciate it :) enjoy mother's day, hope it is fab one.

  2. Kathryn W.

    Don't feel bad or apologize. There has to be some trial and error to using different store-hosting services. Everyone who shopped today was probably prepared for a bit of chaos and sometimes you don't get what you want. It is a little frustrating to have something in your cart and not be able to buy it, but I think you're dealing with that as best you can. Please enjoy Mother's Day with your mom. That time is more important than nail polish. Anyone who was able to purchase something today (me included, thank you for offering to help those who couldn't checkout today thru some glitch) can certainly wait an extra day or two or three. And as Erin said above, the huge interest in your polishes shows what a great job you've been doing so far. Keep up the great work and don't worry about the orders today while you're spending time with your mom tomorrow. :)

  3. Sedge Weyland

    Why not sell through a service like Etsy?

    And while it's not necessary to apologize for your ordering service's mistakes, it's really really awesome that you do. :)

  4. Anonymous

    I agree that there's no reason for you to feel any need to apologize. Just remember, there's no way to please everybody all of the time. I didn't get every color I wanted; am I bummed? Maybe a little, but that's life. Personally, I kind of prefer the Big Cartel shop - at least that way I have a chance of getting a couple of polishes. With big indie shop updates on Etsy, I rarely get anything. Put this whole thing out of your mind, and go enjoy some time with your Mom. Spend some for me too - my Mom and Grammy are 1,000 miles away, and I wish I could be with them tomorrow!

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