Oh, Hello New Collection (Pre-Order Info)

Posted by Erin on 5/30/12.

While I'm waiting for my air conditioning to freeze my bedroom to a cool 65 degrees I thought would make a quick blog post and update you all on what's happening.

Introducing...The Totally Buggin' Collection!

I've created 3 new shades that are inspired by the film Clueless. All 3 shades are made up of matte glitters in a clear base. Here are some awful close up shots of them. I will be taking much better swatches within the next few days. I promise! This is just to give you a rough idea of what they look like.

Way Harsh
Rollin' With The Homies
As If!
How You Can Get Them (and the others!)...
I've decided to do something different from my usual restock. A lot of you expressed interest in a pre-order/wishlist type of solution and so that is what I'm doing. So if you are interested in the above 3 shades or any of the other Nostalgic Nail Lacquer shades, here is what you should do:

Send an email to nostalgiclacquer(at)gmail.com with the subject line "add". I will then add you to my contacts and you'll be on the mailing list.

What I will do after I've gotten all of your emails and I've got everything together, is send you a link to an order form that you will fill out. Then I will begin filling all of the orders in batches. I will not fill orders alphabetically or anything. I'm just going to run down the spread sheet and fill them in the order that they were received.

By doing things this way, it will almost definitely take me longer to process your order unless you are one of the first ones to complete the form. But it will also ensure that you'll get what you want without having to refresh my shop 50 times :P

I know...I suck at emails...
Ladies, if you have emailed me and not got a response, I really am sorry. I get a TON of spam and sometimes your emails get lost in the shuffle or sent to my spam folder. I am going to make a concerted effort to sift through everything tonight though. And if you got an obnoxious "auto response" from me when you didn't really have a question...oops. Sorry again. The settings in my email program confuse me and I couldn't figure out how to get it to only be sent to people with questions about a restock :/ Basically, I'm a hot mess with email at the moment. But I am trying to change that! :P

Hopefully this has answered all of your questions. If not, it's okay. I will be mass emailing all of you before the order form is sent out with instructions and guidelines. But, as always, you can still ask a question anyway :)

2 Responses to Oh, Hello New Collection (Pre-Order Info)

  1. Gnarly Gnails

    this new collection is to die for, need it all! so glad you are doing orders this way, you are one of my favorite indie's and i hate always missing your restocks!

  2. Cathy

    I love them allllll! Matte glitters are a favorite of mine, and so is Clueless! Definitely going to be ordering the whole collection. In fact, you should add more to it! Haha

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