The State of Pre-Orders

Posted by Erin on 7/9/12.

Good Morning!

I've been getting a lot of questions about how far along I am with the pre-orders. The answer is: pretty far! However...

I ran out of a glitter recently and am waiting for the supplier to get it from the manufacturer. Now, this was my oversight, as I should have made sure that I had more than plenty of it before I started taking pre-orders. I did not anticipate running out of anything, but as usual...I was less prepared than I thought. I am always so sure that I have everything checked off my list, only to find that I overlooked something quite simple.

I apologize profusely for this. Like I said, it was my oversight. And I do hope that you don't judge me too harshly for it :/

I do anticipate getting this glitter very soon though, and am always bugging my lovely supplier about it (much to her chagrin, I'm sure :P). And literally the second I receive it I will be making the remaining bottles and invoicing furiously. Basically, I expect to be 100% done with invoicing on the same day that this glitter comes to my doorstep.

I am now working on filling and invoicing the orders that do not require said glitter in an effort to get everything done as quickly as possible. I understand that this goes against my "first come first served" promise, and again...I apologize. I can only hope that you guys don't want to kill me for this :/

Aside from this issue, I am happy to report that I have a lot of great stuff brewing and a theme that I think is going to blow all of my past and current ones out of the water. I also have some Halloween themed lacquers marinating and am definitely ahead of the game in terms of future releases.

I am also working on new logos and labels and all kinds of other stuff. Those things will be concentrated on once the pre-orders have all been completed and sent out though. But it's in the works :)

Please let me know if you have any questions. Thank you!

2 Responses to The State of Pre-Orders

  1. Gnarly Gnails

    congrats! i got my preorder a few weeks ago and couldnt be happier - cant wait to see whats next!

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