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Posted by Erin on 6/21/12.


It has been a crazy week in the world of nail polish. Likewise, it has been a crazy week here in my lacquer bunker. It's hot. Very hot. Nearly 100 degrees hot! But I am still mixing, invoicing and packing every day :) Although truthfully the invoicing has been a tad slower this week than it was last due to a few doctors appointments and "real life" commitments.

As I've said here before, I was in a car accident in February and it has left me with a very aggravating and persistent burning/itching/bugs under the skin sensation along my shoulder blade. When I make polish or pack boxes for long periods of time it acts up. Muscle relaxers? Psssh. They are as useless as a polish bottle full of melting glitter!

I had a cortisone shot on Monday which has not seemed to do the trick, but I do have another shot scheduled for the week after next. Maybe that one will work? :) Anyway, the shot left me feeling like I had whiplash for a few days (it was injected into my neck). I didn't expect to feel so behind on things after just 2 days of taking it easy, but it did.

Luckily that whiplash feeling has subsided. I have a shipment of bottles arriving today and am going to attempt to mix a record breaking amount of lacquers before sun down. Wish me luck! I really want to get these done asap so that all of you can play with your lacquers! I am anxious to see what layering combos you girls come up with for them :)

So as for where I am in terms of filling the pre-orders...
I still have a ways to go, but I am trying to ramp production up. I appreciate everyones patience more than you know and will give you a more concrete idea of when I will be done in the next few days...hopefully :P

Once the pre-orders have all been filled, I am going to try to take a week or 2 off in order to take intense inventory on my supplies and revamp my work area. I am also in touch with a bottle manufacturer who is sending samples for a few different bottle shapes. New and improved labeling will follow suit. I am always trying to improve all aspects of Nostalgic Nail Lacquer and packaging is what I hope to perfect very soon :)

As always, thank you from the very bottom of my heart for your continued patience and patronage. I am deeply indebted to every one of you! You have given me the ability to do something that I love. To be my own boss. To set my own hours. And to see positive reactions to something that I actually created. Thank you!


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  1. mozzer0906

    I'm sorry to hear about your shoulder. I had a car accident about 11 years ago and I have horrible shoulder pain (constantly!) PT didn't help. I got an MRI and they saw that I had "impingement syndrome" which was the bones were somehow pinching the nerve. So a cortizone shot (ouch), a metric ton of naproxin and more PT later it finally was normal. I still have issues with it on and off, but I usually can stave off it by taking tons of aleve/motrin and alternating ice and heat. My thoughts are with you. Looking forward to my turn on the pre-order!

  2. daywoods2

    Car accidents totally suck. I'm sorry you got stuck in one :-( I do know that burning/itching/bugs under the skin feeling - for me, it was nerves regrowing/reconnecting. 15 years later, I sometimes get the 'itch under the skin that I just can't scratch' sensation, but not often. I hope your Dr can make yours go away soon!

  3. jkeentch

    sounds like you've been busy. :) so excited for the new colors, and can't wait to get my invoice!!!

  4. iman11

    Hope the cortisone shots help you. Take your time to rest please!!! Nail polish can wait :)

  5. Diana

    You know, I had no idea it could even be done by now anyways, so take your time :) I know my husband and bank account don't mind the delay, even if I can't wait to get my new colors :) Feel better!!

  6. Ashleigh

    Take your time, dear. I hope the shots start to help or that you find something that helps and doesn't make you feel icky. I hope you feel better soon!

  7. Saeed Zia

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  8. Yummy Looks

    Hope the cortisone helped. Take your time :D

    Regards, | Amaira Serum

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