Batman Lightning Bolts

Posted by Erin on 8/21/11. Filed under: , , , ,

Yesterdays birthday celebration went well. Cake, cheeseburgers, and cards full of money were in abundance. If I weren't so lazy and tired today, I would have gone out shopping. But instead I have been laying in bed recovering from the 1 too many glasses of Skinny Girl Margarita that I poured myself last night ;)

I haven't even mustered up enough energy to paint my nails yet. But I do have something from the vault to show you all. This is a mani that I did using one of Nailside's tutorials. If you haven't given her blog a look yet, you have to immediately. She does the most creative scotch tape manis you've ever seen. 

It looks a little Batmanish, right? That's completely accidental, but a welcome outcome nonetheless. This took forever to finish and by the time I was done with my right hand, I had no energy or patience to do my left hand :P

I have loads and loads of nail mail coming my way. I couldn't even begin to count just how many bottles I'm expecting this week. Let's just say that this blog is going to be in swatch overload for quite some time.

6 Responses to Batman Lightning Bolts

  1. Lush Lacquer


  2. Irishenchantment

    this is awesome! i have to try it myself ;D

    shel xx

  3. Krissy

    Before I even read your post I was thinking Batman! This mani is awesome!

    I've heard so much about skinny girl margaritas...are they good?

  4. Erin


    Skinny Girl margarita is awesome, but you must know ahead of time that it doesn't taste like those fake sugary bright green margaritas you get in most restaurants. They're "all natural", and very boozy. I love it :)

  5. Krissy

    Oh I must try it!!! Is there something called a skinny girl sangria too? HAHA

  6. Erin

    There is a new Skinny Girl sangria too, yeah. I'm not big on white wine though so I haven't tried it. If you try it, let me know how it is :)

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