Tribal Nail Art

Posted by Erin on 9/4/11. Filed under: , , , , ,

My internet connection is FUBAR at the moment, so I haven't even attempted to make a post. But I did want to do a quick update to show you guys a tribal design that I did yesterday. Hopefully there's enough juice in my connection to upload this. If not, I'm basically writing this to myself...

The green is Jordana's Rich Green and the blue is Mesmerize from Essie.

7 Responses to Tribal Nail Art

  1. Alexisaurus

    I love love love this!!! It's gorgeous!


  2. Mel, Glassflecked.

    This is really fun.. love it!!

  3. Fingers

    Is this freehand? Amazing!!!

  4. JeeZ TrendZ

    This.Is.So.Darn....SWEET!!! If this is freehand you must have such steady hands!! <3

  5. Erin

    Thanks everyone!

    Yes, It's freehand with a striping brush. You'd be surprised at how easy it is to do though.

    @ Jeez Trendz: Ha! Quite the opposite. I am actually well known for having very shaky hands. People comment on it a lot. You'd probably have to be going through the DT's to screw up this design though :P

  6. Katie

    Love this design! The colors look great together!

  7. Lydia

    Looks amazing! I can't believe you did it freehand!

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