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It's winter already here in Boston. Last night it snowed, and I had to turn my heat up to 75 degrees this morning. I now have to do swatches between the hours of 12 and 4pm due to the dwindling daylight hours. 

If you don't already live in New England, I would not suggest you move here. It wreaks havoc on your mental and emotional states. I can only imagine what it must be like to live in Alaska or Scandinavia. Just thinking about it makes me want a xanax. 

I suppose the one good thing about the colder weather coming in is the influx of new polish collections. I still wish that mother nature had held off on the snow until after Halloween though...

Speaking of Halloween, I should probably stop yapping and complaining and show you todays polish. It's Vamp Red from Fantasy Makers and I was lucky enough to find it at CVS. Normally the CVS near me is a total flop when it comes to nail polish. They never even got the Sally Hansen Halloween nail strips. Basically, they're lame and there isn't a single polish in the place that I don't already own. So when I saw that they had a Fantasy Makers display, I was pretty happy. No Creepy Pumpkin though :( Sucks. I really wanted to buy a backup of that.

They don't call it Vamp Red for nothing. It's an incredibly deep dark wine color. It looks a lot like a creme but it has a tiny amount of shimmer in it that's mostly invisible to the naked eye.

Not bad at all. Drying time is a little slow though.

There's some color bleed around the cuticles. Not a huge deal, but not a positive either. And again, the top to this does not align properly when you twist it as tightly as it should be. Why the hell didn't they fix that problem???

Bottom Line:
Vamp Red isn't a totally unique color or anything, but I'm glad I bought it. Application is better than many other wine shades I've tried, and it only costs $1.99. Plus it comes in that cute tombstone bottle.

3 Responses to Fantasy Makers - Vamp Red

  1. Alexis

    I love this color! I was lucky enough to find it near me as well. Last night was ridiculous. A lot of my friends had to leave our Halloween party early because of the snow! I hope we don't have a lot of snow this year.


  2. Erin

    AH, you and me both. My car is horrible in the snow and I cringe just thinking about what I'm going to do once it *really* starts to snow.

  3. Fingers

    Wow this is a great red! And I love the cold and snow! Too bad I live in Virginia!!

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