Blasts From the Nail Art Past

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I really wanted to show off the amazing teal glass flecked Glee from Jessie's Girl that I'm wearing today, but the weather just won't permit it. I'm also a bit under the weather today and that seasonal depression is coming on pretty strong lately. On top of all of that, I'm still trying to pursue a really fun "dream" of mine and have not been able to get started quite yet. So I'm anxious, feverish, and descending into depression all at once. It makes writing these blogs a bit difficult, tbh. But I'm trying!

Anyway, because I have no new swatches to show you, I figured I would compile a few of my favorite nail art manicures from the last year or so. Some of these you may not have seen yet.

Half moons with What's With The Cattitude as a base color.

One of my many floral designs. This one matched a dress that I bought that ended up being 3 sizes too big for me :(
Yet another floral design
Watermelon nails!
leopard print nails with hearts
You can see all of these on my Tumblr blog, which is where I store all of my nail art photos that I for one reason or another don't post here.

It's strange to see the evolution of my nails. They really have grown a ton!

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  1. Abbie

    How did you do the leopard hearts? So cute!

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