Posted by Erin on 11/26/11.

Wow. This blog seems so foreign to me now, and it's only been about 2 weeks since I've updated. The truth is that I just haven't had the time. Between Thanksgiving, having family in from out of town, and doing work+research on my big "project"...I've just been unable to do swatches. In fact, I haven't even changed my mani since Wednesday. That's completely unheard of for me!

I do want to try and do some swatching and real blogging this upcoming week though. But I can't make any promises. With Christmas coming and everything else I have going on, it just might not be possible. But I swear I am going to try!

I just wanted to write something here quick to let people know that I haven't given up on this blog or.....died or something. I will be here with some exciting things eventually :)

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